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Disclaimer: This is simply a form I am using for my ads on Ebay, and there is no plate for sale as of yet.

All Good Things...

From the The Next Generation: The Episodes Series

Exquisite renderings of the characters in The Next Generation Series are captured by artist Keith Birdsong on this Hamilton plate, numbered 0814DK. The plate is rimmed in 23k gold, which is inscribed with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" across the bottom. It measures 8" in diameter, and is in mint condition.

Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity and in its original box, this plate is a perfect way to start a new collection or complete a set!

Shipping is $6 anywhere in the United States. Sorry, we don't ship internationally. For insurance, add $2. Any questions regarding this auction, please send an e-mail to

Happy Bidding!