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Where do we begin? Our Company has been in operation for about five years now. It has been
a long time dream of ours to offer something that no bride can do without, a friend that will be
there to help her when she needs it the most. A friend that will help the bride, and groom, with
any problem that pops up at the last moment. A friend that will help solve the smallest of
problems. A friend that is truely a friend.

We are currently working out of our home, which has its advantages, and its disadvantages.
The most important advantage to us is the home environment. It will make the bride feel more
relaxed and comfortable, to help her tell us what her "Wedding Dreams" are. No outside
distractions to keep her imagination from planning the perfect wedding.

The biggest disadvantage is that the small area only allows the bride and I a place to work.
We will soon be moving into a building of our own. We will still be seeing brides at our home,
to help them plan there wedding, or to answer any questions that they may have.

My name is Rebecca Racina. I have been doing silk flowers for over seven years now. Bridal
arrangements are not the only thing that we do. We offer flowers for any occasion. Christmas,
Easter, or any other event. We also offer Christmas decorating. Doing that special tree, or
doing the magical scene of Christmas lights on the outside of your house. There is no limit to
our decorating imagination. Our only limitation, is your imagination.

At Rebecca Lyn Creations, our main goal is customer satisfaction. We are here for you,
your future spouse, and all of your family members. We want your wedding dreams to be
magical, and for all of them to come true. Let Rebecca Lyn Creations, provide you with all of
your wedding dreams. Sit back, and watch the magic flow.

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