Palindromes in Annjellah's Realm

I like Palindromes em or d nila pekili.
For you unknowing ones, a palindrome is a phrase or word that can be read the same way forward and backward (i.e., Mom, Wow, Dad, So many dynamos). I'm cool and started writing them...

My Palindromes

Nate, bottle felt to be tan.

I'm art sappy! Gyp pastrami!

Be zapped, a Dep. Pa Zeb.

Stop to dot pots.

Sad, oy. Toga got Yoda's.

Elated is an aside tale.

Sting, attack ok, cat tag nits.

Time his ad as I hem it.

Erase man-made mosses; some dam names are.

Lay by Al.

And of course, my theme:
Beware! Drum onward snoop--rahh! All Ellah harpoons draw no murder; a web.

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