I miss Lyse...

November 21, 2002 6:32pm: Dayum! I didn't update in awhile...

LoL! LITC IKOFY?! I didn't update for so long and I decided to update just this once... mainly because no one comes anymore since I haven't updated in forever. YOU THOUGHT!!! hahaha no one is gonna see this until I tell someone. KEK! well i really have to say the beginning of this year sucked a big one... but now my life is so damn cool! in the summer I got my drivers lisence and since jonathan is in college in the mainland I got his RAV4 too. w00t! for the first quarter of the school year I got an unprecedented 4.4 GPA, YEAH BIZNOTCH! counterstrike and exercising took up alot of my free time in the beginning of the year, but now we slowed down on CS and pretty much suck ass. im still the best, YOU KNOW! anyways, i also installed my kenwood KDC-x959 car stereo and still haven't done anything with my subwoofers (which are still at davids house). it kicks soo much ass its not even funny. also my music preferences changed alot.. im not a pop hater anymore, just a pop despiser :) I figure i'm going to like what I like and ignore the distorted images that pop culture places on everything. I've come back to hawaiian/reggae music again after taking a long break away from it.. I still like punk and pop-punk, but i've accepted stuff like incubus and red hot chille peppers.. mainly because of lyse. a topic that i'll return to because I'm going with lyse to our schools winter fantasy... THATS SO AWESOME! shhhh.. don't tell anyone but i like her soo muchos plenty, unfortunately she is moving to california soon... awwwwwww!!!!@#$WEDJASDIGJKLM!#JU%"*()WOASKDGJ*)@$TUAWEJOIG... sorry venting out on the keyboard! thats the worst part of my story so far... the best part is that im fully happy right now.. the future and past doesn't matter to me because of this, I don't know what the future has planned for me, but I hope for the best and wish that one day i'll meet with this so called "happiness" once again. finally my dreams and wishes have been answered, then leaves as swiftly as it comes... (damn that sucks) as long as its for the best, i still hope...

This is for lyse!!

Incubus - "I Miss You"
Opihi Pickers - "Victim"
No Use For A Name - "Turning Japanese"

i love you so much..!

Janurary 1, 2002 3:25am: NEW YEAR!!

Weeeee!!! its a new year for everyone to screw up. Tonight i went to my cousin's house like i always do, and we blew up a lot of fireworks.... AGAIN! My cousin works at longs so she got a lot of the extra fireworks, like all the fountains and gay stuff that people dont want to buy. we had a lot of shit so we just lit 5 fountains at a time and threw the gay little fireworks while that was going. then at about 11 or so we shot up some aerial stuff that i dont know how we got. some of the motors we shot had some shockwave that you could feel when it exploded, it was pretty crazy. and at 12 we set off some red crackers, we set off 3 and i added a couple bombs to each cuz bombs are cool. Then i just got back home and am tired as hell.

here are some songs you guys should sample, they kick ass.

The Ataris

Angry Nerd Rock
If You Really Want to Hear About It
Summer Was Always Our Son
San Dimas High School Football Rules

Lost Prophets

Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja
Ode To Summer

Listen to this crap it's a remix by "Big Dumb Face"

Super Mario Theme Remix

November 29, 2001 6:30pm: Drivers ED almost over, hell yeah*!@$*

The final Drivers ED class is next week thursday. I haven't posted in a while, but its not like anyone even comes to my site. whatever. i've been playing CS alot with chaz, i'll put some good servers up some day.

October 6, 2001 5:30pm : Drivers Permit, New buttons..

Oh yeah, I took my drivers permit test on Friday and got a perfect w00! Friday I drove around in Moanalua Valley near my house to the back of the Valley where the park is. I parked and reversed and did some gay slow driving in side streets. ^_^ I saw mitchell while driving too.. hahaha.

Lookie above, below the banner, you'll see two NEW buttons!!! You know that BiZnoTcH Jennifer, well she made the first one for me, and since i was bored I had my first lesson with Adobe Photoshop 6 and made the 2nd one. Nah jen is cool, go to her site NOW! SUPER WINTER FRESH!!! yup yup. She's one hardcore webdesigner on an impressive 28.8k modem. lol.

If you are wondering what the slap is... well here it is... SLAP!

September 30, 2001 8:00pm : LOL website restored..

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I rule! take a look at this everyone..


Thank you for contacting the Lycos Network Abuse Department.It seems as though your account was removed in error and has been reinstated. I apologize for any problems this may have caused you.

oh jeah! too bad I already made a new site.. Guess I gonna delete old one.

September 25, 2001 7:00pm : Website Deleted!!!

My god! Angelfire removed my website again, wtf! I remember the warning I put up, I e-mailed them back and bitched, lets see what they do. Any bets on nothing?

September 14, 2001 5:30pm : NEW LOOK Website

Alright I got tired of looking like kyle's site, so I decided to modify into my own style. YAY what do you think? well it ain't done biatch so shut up. Thanks kyle for the bgproperties shiet and er.... yeah I've been kinda busy but this weekend i free to phuck around. Laters, more to come!!!!

September 7, 2001 11:56pm : School sucks.

I hate school i haven't been able to update because of Reyes's stupid CPB book crap (explain poems, pics, stories, etc.), and Ms. Higa's chem work that I dont understand at all. Because of them I havent been able to lift or run, and I feel lazy and useless now.

Anyways earlier today Lizzy was in heat AND was high so she was a confused-gay-sex-whore type of person. Who wants to go to chaz's house and liftweights? everyone! that rich bastard has an olympic bar, why can't I have that? Cuz I poor! here's a MP3 Album link have fun :) the site updates frequently so make sure to stick with it.

September 4, 2001 6:00pm : Lively and kickin! Oh jeah!

alrighty everyone. I just signed up for a dreambook and started it up on the site. Please sign the guestbook; although, i am going to add lotsa stuff hopefully. BUT i need your helpyness, sign the guestbook and list some ideas and hints that you think would be good for a site. Thanks. If you don't then screw you biatches and i just gonna put n3ws kha hahahahhahahahah!!!!! ^_^ >_< =D

September 3, 2001 9:00pm : A New Beginning

W00 H00!!! I was really bored today and decided to attempt to start up a webpage. Vist often and waste your time if you like. Coming soon to you should be a flash animation and maybe some cool mp3s. Maybe even a guestbook and REAL counter. See ya laters...Oh yeah!