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The Borzoi Hunt Club
We use the

Russian Standard

Hound of great height, long racy build and strong. The height at the withers is 70-82 centimeters (27 1/4 to 32 1/2 inches) for males, about 5 centimeters (2 inches) less for bitches. The height at the withers is almost the same as that of the croup or hardly superior. The length index is about 105 for males, about 107 for bitches.


Until the game is raised, a not very fast trot; during the chase a speedy gallop in long, fleet leaps.

White; sable of all shades; silver shaded sable, dark shaded sable; tan shade with black, muzzle and legs dark; grey, from ash-grey to yellowish grey; brindled, sable or tan or grey with extended darker stripes; tan, black and all intermediary shades of these colors. Tan points are admissable but not desired. For dark-colored dogs, a black muzzle is typical as well as dark patches on the body. All colors can be either plain or spotted. The self-colored dogs are darker on the upper side, the color fading into a lighter shade towards the extremities, the belly and the hind part of the legs.

The hair is soft, wavy, or in great curls. At the head and legs the hair is short. At the neck, on the back and on the breast, the hair is longer. The ornamental hair is most developed around the neck, at the lower part of the chest, the belly, the hind part of the front legs and the thighs. At the lower part of the tail it hangs in fringes; at the upper part of the tail, it is curly.

The skin is thin, elastic, without any loose cellular tissue underneath and without folds. The muscles are strongly developed, long. The bones are solid.

Long, narrow, lean. The length of the muzzle is equal to that of the skull. The passage from the forehead to the muzzle is hardly noticeable. Seen from the side, forehead and upper line of muzzle form an almost straight line, very slightly convex. The skull is narrow, oval-shaped. The occiputal hillock is well accentuated. The upper part of the skull is straight or receding.

Narrow, straight, lean, with a slight hill towards the nose. The nose is black, over-reaching. The lips are thin, well stretched along the jawbones, with dark rims.

Small, delicate, narrow, pointed, set high, not very far apart, folded back along the neck, the tips very close together. When alert, the Psovaya Barzaya raises the ears on their cartilages, the tips sometimes falling over.

Large, the lids cut obliquely, dark brown or chestnut brown. The lids are black.

Long, slightly arched, well-muscled, flattened laterally, set at an angle of 50 to 60 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the body.

Not broad, of narrow oval, reaching to the elbows and lower. The ribs are regular, getting shorter towards the rear part of the chest which goes sharply over to the belly.

Not pronounced.

Long, wide, muscled, with a slight fall-down. The width between the hipbones must be at least 8 centimeters (3.2 inches).

Sharply tucked-up. The passage from the false ribs to the belly is very accentuated.

Straight, lean, bony, muscled. Seen from the front the legs are straight and parallel. The shoulders are muscled. The bones are oval-cut. The elbows are directed to the rear. The shoulder angle is of about 110-120 degrees. The length of the forelegs is nearly equal to half the total height at the withers. The pasterns are slightly bent.

Lean, bony, muscled. Seen from the back, the legs are straight and parallel. Seen from the side, they show well developed angles of the joints. They are wide-standing and slightly pulled to the rear. The thighs are well-developed with jutting-out muscles. The angle of the hock is lean, slightly rounded at the rear, the hocks are short, vertical.

Lean, narrow, of oval shape, with slightly arched toes. The nails touch the ground.

Sabre or slightly sickle shaped, tapering, with heavy feathering. When the dog is quiet, the tail is hanging; when he is exvited, it should not be carried above the topline of the back. Long. Pulled between the thighs, it should reach the top on the nearest hipbone.
Faults and Insufficiencies of the Psovaya Barzaya
Too high on the legs, too long, short on the legs, height less than the given measures.

Too sharply accentuated tan points; coffee-colored, speckled.

Dull, short hair, ruffled, little furnished; insufficient development of the hair at the thighs and of the feathering; hard, dense and equally distributed on the whole body.

Pronounced passage from the skull to the muzzle; clumsy; too broad in the cheeks; snipey muzzle; light colored nose.

Set low, too wide apart, not enough drawn back and close to neck, large, clumsy, with rounded tips.

Small, round opening of lids; light colored eyes; light lids.

Round, clumsy.

Narrow, hollow, too broad.

Not enough tuck-up. Too long.

Weak pasterns; close or loose elbows; out-turned feet; irregular, clumsy moving, signs of rickets.

Cow-hocked, O-shaped; not enough accentuated angle of hock; too straight rear; too thick feet.

Spread toes; thick, round feet.

Short, ring-shaped, carried high; not enough feathering.
All imperfections have to be considered as faults or insufficiencies, depending on the degree of their accentuation.
Scale of Points
General Appearance - 10
Movement - 10
Coat - 3
Skin, Muscles, Bone - 3
Head - 3
Muzzle - 3
Ears - 3
Eyes - 3
Neck - 4
Chest - 5
Withers, back, loins - 10
Croup - 10
Belly (tuck-up) - 5
Forequarters - 10
Hindquarters - 10
Feet - 5
Tail - 3

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