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The Mission Jnr

~:The Mission Jnr Wedsite:~

Look everyone! It's a website dedicated to the Mission Jnr. I hear a lot of cheers from all you folk who go to this excellent club on a weekly basis just to rock out, meet friends, or evern to meet that special someone in the pit!

Anyway, look around, the site is new, so a lot of the stuff won't work, but any comments on the site can be forworded to slipham at EMS.

Update: Monday 8th July. Added Band page to promote my new band, which sadly remains nameless at this point, but not to worry my trusty fans, it shall have a name yet.

UPDATE Sunday 14th July. Had a game of Football involving RoSa and Kaynon (as well as a few others) and check this, The Young pretenders won! Woo Hoo, we mini's are worth something after all!

Look around the site.

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