Why I Stayed
Princess Kate

I first found my way to the Sugar Quill many months ago through a link on one of Mrs Weasley’s stories. And once I discovered what a cool site it was... why wouldn’t I stick around?

Siriusly, I think it was probably one of the most exciting things that happened to me for a week when I discovered all my favourite authors at the same place. (So I have a boring life...) SQ is just a great site... I know when I visit I’ll always be able to find wonderful stories and intelligent people on the boards. I think - hope? - that I’ve improved as a writer since I found your site - thanks in part to your beta-reading service, which is really up and beyond the call of duty.

I don’t really know ya’ll very well on a personal level, but on a ‘professional’ level, y’all are definitely the best! :)

Happy Birthday.

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