Why I Stayed
Lone Astronomer

Well, first it was the large collection of Ron/Hermione fics that drew me in. They were so difficult to find on fanfiction.net. But...

After a while, I got very attatched to the sense of community that I don't feel at other websites. (Yahoo!groups excluded, of course.)

Most of my favourite series are posted in one spot, which is very convenient. It's easy to see who has updated their stories recently.

I kill myself laughing almost every time I read a fic by anyone at SugarQuill.

The quality of the fics is wonderful, mostly due to devoted editing done by the wonderful Professors.

There is an abundance of Weasley exposure! (Read: Jedi Boadicea and Hallie especially.) You can never have too much Weasley exposure!! You can never even have *enough* Weasley exposure!

There can never be enough reasons why the SugarQuill ROX... it just *does*...

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