Why I Stayed

Ode to the Quill- or -In Which LightningDancer Shall Wax Poetic

Why did I stay at the SugarQuill? Let me count the ways. (Or at least state them, since numbers are not my thing.)

I love you, SugarQuill, because your opening page has a quote from Ron at the very top, and it's the first thing I always see when I arrive at your hallowed grounds.

I love you oh SugarQuill because you give me a place to go and forget the real world when times get tough, and you allow me to do so by giving me things to read and consider, all of which are R/H. (or at least not H/H, *shudder*.)

I love that I've been there since the first day, watching you evolve and change- always for the better.

I love you because you introduced me to some of my best friends in the world. (hullo, Manu!) I love you because you introduced me to granger-weasley, where I've made many more friends.

I love you because when I visit I know that I'm among others who think like I do, accept my Ron obsessions without question because they suffer from the same thing, and I especially love you because you know that when I say that we suffer it really means that we love every minute.

And most of all, the main reason that I love the SugarQuill is because no one there treats me like I'm fifteen, they all treat me like a person who has thoughts that are just as important as the next guy's. I've had to deal with being considered a little girl my whole life just because I'm short, and I love how you people see me for who I really am.

So, the original question- 'Why did I stay at the SugarQuill?' Shouldn't it be 'Why Wouldn't You?'

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