Why I Stayed

Sugarquill, the HP fan's shrine,

You’ll always be a home of mine

Not only did the non-nasty form of stories enchant

But also the opportunity for us all to rant

Created a much-appreciated home on the web

For talking on ezboard while stories were read

Sugarquill brings people together

With forums aplenty with fans that are clever

The reason we’re clever is quite clear to us all

For the ships that we support are a good call

Sugarquill’s birthday is fast coming near

The site we love will soon be a year!

So Happy Birthday to the site that’s no longer new

Thanks to the headmistresses and the Professors too

My thanks also go out to the rest of you

For you're always nice, whatever you do!

Best wishes, dear Sugarquill, the kewlest site we’ve ever known

For the people and well-written stories that never make us groan.

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