Ode to Sugar Quill
Gemini C

When I first started looking for Harry Potter fic,
I didn’t know I’d have to wade through lists so thick.
There were countless stories where they’d win or lose,
I had no idea which story to choose.

In the beginning I was a no-shipper;
I ignored each ship’s First Mate and Skipper.
But reading all the stories provoked a strange feeling in me,
I discovered that I felt uneasy about putting Harry with Hermione.

I quickly closed my browser whenever H/H came on,
And soon I discovered the delights of Hermione and Ron.
What fun! What joy! What a wonderful pair!
I could just imagine their kids with bushy red hair.

I didn’t like H/H because Ron was always left out.
When I saw “Ron/Lavender” or “Ron’s dead”, I’d shout.
But with Ron/Hermione, Harry’s not a lost myth,
Because Ginny is the girl that he should be with.

And what about Draco? Well, he’s supposed to be evil,
And Snape with Hermione is definitely illegal.
But where am I going with my tale, you ask?
Well, here is the low-down on my fateful task:

It was to find an R/H fic with a big review number,
So one day I clicked on a fic called “A Muggle Summer”.
“At last!” I cried. “It’s what I was looking for!
Correct spelling and grammar, with warm fuzzies galore!”

The author’s name was Zsenya so I clicked on her profile;
I thought her writing had really impressive style.
Imagine my excitement when I went to her site,
Too many R/H stories to count! I was in heaven that night.

I explored the website eagerly and made plans
(And found out the Headmistresses were Jane Austen fans).
I finished Zsenya’s stories and all of Arabella’s tales;
I went to the W.A.I.L. page and discovered the joy of Weasley males.

Over and over I read “Hermione, Queen of Witches”,
I preferred stories where Ron wasn’t attracted to, er… britches.
I was amazed the Professors’ stories corresponded with my thoughts,
Of course Hermione kissed Ron after Harry at King’s Cross!

But the stories are not the best part of sugarquill.net,
It’s the atmosphere and the beta services; I’m in their debt.
Sugar Quill gives their free time to make your fics great
(And if it weren’t for Moey, I’d never capitalize ‘Apparate’).

The Sugar Quill message boards are the best places to be,
I’ve even picked up some slang from the glossary.
“Things HP Characters Would Never Say” is a thread that definitely ROX!
And the Queens of H/G like to change to subject to socks.

The whole SQ community is a close group of friends;
They chat about everything, especially Harry Potter trends.
Some of the Sugar Quill’s visitors even resemble characters in canon,
And Veritaserum’s the place to state that R/H is not fanon.

So I rest my case: Sugar Quill REWLS!
And people who don’t think so are definitely fools.
Basically, Z and A, thanks for this Book Four to Five filler.
Five to Six, Six to Seven… I’m proud to be a Quiller.

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