Why I Love the Sugar Quill

I took the liberty of copying this from the guestbook and moving it here, because I thought it was wonderful. Arabella, I'm sorry if you didn't want this pasted here!

I love the Sugar Quill because it's home. Because it is where I met some of my best friends - people who seem like my sisters. Because it's where I can say "I love Harry" ten times a day, and nobody bothers me. Because it's the first place I came, on September 11th. Because it helped me to discover I can write all kinds of things. Because it helped me find out that I want to be a teacher. Because the level of intelligent conversation is frighteningly consistent; I often don't feel smart enough to post there, and I like that. Because the people who came, and stayed, are people... who have hearts so big that you'd bother to make this entire homage, which is making me laugh and cry.

Because if I don't love it, I'm a little bit screwed. There's no turning back from the tattoo.


Why I Stayed