Why I Stayed

Why I stayed at the Sugar Quill is complicated and simple all at once: I like it. It is the best combination of fanfiction archive and friendly atmosphere for obsessing over Harry Potter that I have found on the web. I remember when, just before New Year's last year, Arabella emailed me and mentioned that she and a friend were setting up "a litte HP web site" that would "offer beta-reading to those who need it". I typed in "www.sugarquill.com" to my browser and was transported for the first time to what would become my home on the web. Then, in the few days before it officially opened, Sugar Quill was "a little HP web site", but that was the first and last time it could ever be described as such. It has blossomed into one of the best, most popular, and most highly acclaimed Harry Potter fanfiction sites on the internet, and I am very proud to consider myself a "Sugar Quiller". I suppose, that is why I've stayed. Oh, and I like the stories, too... ;)

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