Why I Stayed

Once Upon a Time...

there lived an out of work actress and her husband. The couple read the Harry Potter books for fun but soon found that they needed something else to read. So the girl went in search of some fan fiction on the internet that related to the Harry Potter universe.

The first site she found was FanFiction.net. She enjoyed some of the stories and even decided to write one of her own, but soon became bored with all the similar plots and Mary Sue characters. She kept going back to FF.net as a back up, but her search continued.

The next site she found was labeled as an adult only community. This site not only posted fiction, but it had a message board where posters could chat back and forth with each other. The girl found this very interesting and began posting messages of her own. But the operators of the site were mean to the girl and said terrible things to her. So she left the site and returned to FF.net.

Some time passed and the girl had written about 15 chapters of her own fic by now. She was getting some very nice reviews from devoted readers. One review mentioned a place the girl had never heard of. It was called the Sugar Quill and was supposed to be the best place for fan fiction. The girl sent an e-mail to her reviewer asking for more information.

The next day the girl wondered into the site of her dreams! It was full of amazing fan fiction that was written by mostly adults who were just as crazy about the Harry Potter books as she was! The girl printed off many of the fics and read them to her husband on long car rides. Both the girl and her husband were very happy with the stories on this amazing site.

This site also had a posting community. Having learned her lesson about mean operators, the girl was very afraid to post anything for fear that someone would snap at her for having a varying opinion. But every now and then the girl would work up some courage and she would post a message. The girl didn't dare submit her own story for posting as it was most certainly not "quill worthy".

Then one day the girl and her husband thought up this very silly story about Mr. Weasley having a "sex talk" with Ron. The girl typed it out and posted it on FF.net. The reviews poured in...and to her astonishment, Zsenya from the SugarQuill asked for the fic to be archived at her site! The girl was deliriously happy and sent the fic in right away.

Soon, the girl was writing more and more every day. She posted story after story. She was so happy to have a fun hobby...and the encouragement she felt from other members of the site was a huge ego boost. She began chatting on yahoo and made fast friends with so many of the Sugar Quill members.

The highlight of all this was being brought together with some of the coolest people she's ever "met"! She found her long lost twin, who happened to live in Canada. She found a person who would show her the sites of New York City while she visited there. And she found two other women who were just as in love with Remus Lupin as she was.

Now, the girl and her friends operate there own web site devoted to Remus. She gets mail containing Gryffindor scarves and werewolf music. And most importantly...her writing has improved ten fold. She owes so much to the Sugar Quill and is thankful for those who made all this possible!

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