Why I Stayed
Alanna Granger

I harbor only vague hypotheses about how and when I first discovered Sugar Quill. It has become such a part of my daily life, those details are lost.

I think I first stumbled across the site in February or March, not long after its creation. I know that I was following ďHQoW" on Fanfiction.net by then, and had read fics by some of the Professors. In my forays through bios, I must have discovered a link. Sugar Quill intrigued me because of its beta-read fanfiction meeting a few guidelines. As fanfiction.net became increasingly unreliable, I went to the Quill more and more.

It didnít take much to make me an addict. I had discovered it in the malleable state of being unsure of romance, disgusted with all shippers, and sick of blatant snogging. I became an R/H supporter within days.

The fanfics took me to the site in the first place: HQoW, then A Certain Point of View. The Other Kiss, responsible for cementing me on the R/H ship. Aquae Sulis, Harry Meets the Marauders, Plugs and Outlets, This Was Falling and its sequels, Letís Just Keep Our Fingers Crossed, No Easy Goodbyes. Carpe Diem made me an (albeit tentative) H/G shipper.

When Fanfiction.net reopened, I scurried back, only to learn that Sugar Quill had spoiled me. I suddenly had to wade through hundreds of mediocre, badly-written, or error-filled fics to find just one I wanted to read. Then the site crashed again. I returned to SQ.net and never looked back.

But why, eight months later, am I still there? The people of Sugar Quill are the BEST. To put it in Quillspeak, they ROX.

Iíve been involved in various online Harry Potter groups over the past two years. Sugar Quill is above and beyond the others as my favorite, because of the people. I donít know them all as well as I knew some of the others in other groups, but thatís okay. They're absolutely wonderful anyway!

When I finally got the magazine with my story in it, I told the Sugar Quillers before I told my best friends. When I come home from school, I go straight to the Sugar Quill. Why? Because I always sign off with a big, goofy grin on the outside and wonderful warm fuzzies on the inside, ready to face -- ugh -- factoring.

But in the end, why does it matter how I found the Quill? What matters to me is that I'm here. And I'm here to stay.

A/N: I'm sorry this was so long!!


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