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You can be younger too, get "Yoga in your Life"


Bring Hatha Yoga into your life, and your life can benefit in many ways !


Lotus Position


Yoga can increase flexibility, relaxation, physical well being,

blood flow and concentration.



                                        salute to the sun        kneeling back bend           forward bend


Eleanor guides you through Hatha Yoga exercises on her audio tape


"Yoga in Your Life"


Hatha Yoga is simple, easy, and wonderful for beginners



                                         plow position                  fish position               candle position


Eleanor has been teaching Hatha Yoga for over 25 years.

In her audio tape, Eleanor starts you off by deep breathing,

slowly relaxing you before moving into stretching exercises,

then guides you through a series of Hatha Yoga exercises.

This is done in a gentle comfortable manner, and Eleanor

guides you through this tape with clear and easily

understandable instructions. The cost of the 90 minute tape

 is only $12.00, plus $2.00 dollars shipping and handling, US funds only please

We accept money orders and cashiers checks.

Send to: Yoga In Your Life

P.O. Box 3835

Alliance, Ohio 44601

If you have any questions our E mail address is:

Be happy and healthy...namaste...Eleanor