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Hey another update guys, I've created a new forum with individual catagories for each writer and boards for each individual fic. Please give our writers your comments one useful review can help a writer develop and feel like their work is valued, silent praise is great but to write it down and letting them know is better. A link is above and a link to each authors board is on their page (or it will be eventually :))



Hey I'm just putting a little note to say hi to our new author Sadie. I demanded that she let me put her work on here after I read it on FF.net. Please give her feedback guys.

Luv y'all


Hey Yo all. A response to the challenge has been submitted. Thanks to Kaliey Calloway for the story. If you wish to tell her what you think of the story then email her at wandah51@aol.com. Hope we can get more responses soon. Later Mole.

Hiya, due to there not being a great deal of Shane on TV at the moment and all the rumours flying around that he's left the company (I know that this is not true and that he's enjoying working backstage) etc as well as pressure from college I have decided to put my wrestling fanfic writing on hold until such time as Shane gets his butt back and my exams are over. Thanks for all comments and critisms.

Peace Love and Shane McMahon Forever


Hey, we've some new Shane pics have been added to the site as a pretty much exclusive. They are from the Rollerball film which he's in for a few seconds.

MOLE and Rissa

Hey out there. Our site has one new area and not a great deal of fanfic. We desperatly need feedback from you so please if you have any fanfic, or any random thoughts on anything that's happening in the wrestling world then send them in and I'll put them on the site.

Check out the news site and please if you do write we do have a challenge and it's very good. Join in even if you haven't ever written anything before.

Thanks. MOLE & Rissa

Hey we have a sister site now. This new site is dedicated to non wrestling fic so check it out. You can get to it through our entrance page.
MOLE & Rissa

you can now rate our site on IWSE.com or use the link at the top.
New Fic uploaded
To ALL NC-17 readers and writers. An new site will be up soon which will be dedicated entirley to NC-17 fanfiction. This is in protest to the Fanfiction.net ruling against NC-17 fanfiction's. If you wish for your stories to be included on this website send your stories or just an email to Molepanther@hotmail.com thanks.

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