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Hey! This is Witches Meetup!
They organize events every certain day of
the month, for witches in the area to
meet and get together.

.:. Updates .:.
  • April 28- Hey guess what! New shortcut to the front page! Makes it easier to remember! And a new email addy for it too! lol. It'll be updated down there :)
  • April 17- I'm on spring break!! Working on more pages for the Divi section (like ones for each major tool). Here i go!
  • April 12- DiviForum is a go! It's up and lookin purple-ful as ever! Weeeeeee!
  • April 9- Divination page is up! Woohoo!!!

If you have any questions, comments, or something you want to add
to one of the pages here (spell, book review, faq question, recipe, info etc.),
please feel free to email me.

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