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Movies and Books on Beauty and the Beast


Jean Cocteau's 1946 Classic Movie Beauty and the Beast brings to life the enchanting fable of the kindly beast and the self-sacrificing beauty whose love releases the prince in him. Cocteau creates a mood of dream-like delicacy and charm which make this film unforgettable.

Jean Marais portrays the dignified and noble Beast who falls in love with the beautiful young woman, played by Josett Day. Sensuous and magical, the story contains such visual delights as tears that become real diamonds and walls that grow arms to light Beauty's path through the castle of the Beast.

This French movie is a magnificent work of art as well as a classic.

This 1983 version of Beauty and the Beast was made for cable T.V.'s Faerie Tale Theatre. Starring Susan Sarandon and Klaus Kinski.

'Love can make a man become a beast and love can also make an ugly man beautiful.' This is the moving message Susan Sarandon and Klaus Kinski deliver in their memorable performances.

Beast takes Beauty into a mysterious world of misty gardens and candlelit chambers. In this world inspired by the haunting filmwork of French author Jean Cocteau, the shy, unselfish Beauty comes to know the grotesque Beast. The suspense builds as Beauty discovers that ugliness can mask great goodness.

With comic interludes provided by Beauty's jealous sisters, and inspiring performances from the leads, this intricately balanced tale of devotion and unrequited love is a story to be treasured.

This 1990 movie produced by Full Moon Entertainment starred Sherilyn Fenn and Malcolm Jamieson in the leading roles.

A beautiful young artist must choose her destiny in this haunting and sensual tale of love, passion and revenge.

Cathrine Bomarzini returns to the family castle in Italy after her father's death. There she finds herself drawn into a mysterious love triangle with a handsome, sinister magician and a creature of the night whose gentle eyes and touch reveal his infinite love.

Is this creature real or an illusion? Guided by the ghost of a slain young beauty, Catherine discovers the ancient curse that enshrouds Bomarzini Castle, A curse only she can dispel.

Seduced by something less than human, in love with something more.

Awarded with 6 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, the first ever for an animated film. Disney's Beauty and the Beast also won the Best Picture Golden Globe Award. It has become a modern movie masterpiece.

The book-loving heroine, Belle is sought after by the egotistical, Gascon, who later on arranges to have Belle's father taken away, in the hopes that he can then persuade Belle to marry him.

The film begins when an enchantress turns the cruel prince into a hideous beast. His stubborn pride compels him to remain in his bewitched castle. To break the spell, the Beast must win Belle's love before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose.

The character Lumiere, the lovestruck candelabra, is very reminiscent of Maurice Chavalier.


Midnight. The hour when secrets are revealed. The city sleeps, but Miranda is wide awake. The beast Caliban has found her, Prospero's beautiful daughter, whom he loved and lost. His monstrous anger demands a victim, but before the hour's fatal ending he will make her listen to the long-hidden truth of their shared past: how his beloved island became an imprisoning Hell.

Tad Williams, the New York Times bestselling author of Tailchaser's Song and to Green Angel Tower, shows us the dark secret at the heart of an immortal story. Caliban's tale contains a lifetime's worth of magic and mystery, passion and betrayal, and he must tell it in a single night, during the longest the shadow of death. His hour has come at last.

Ron Perlman (Vincent of the TV series Beauty and the Beast) recorded the audio book for Harper Audio in Sept. of 1994.

These three books were published between October 1989 and November 1990 by Avon Books. Two of which were written by Barbara Hambly and one by Ru Emerson. I don't believe that they have ever been republished since then and only these three have ever been published by Avon.

The first one "Beauty and the Beast' is a retelling of the Pilot series 'In the City of New York'.

The second 'Masques' expands on the episodes 'Masques, Arabesque and The Watcher'.

The third book covers the episodes 'Fever, Song of Orpheus and Shades of Grey'.

It may be worth looking through Used Book stores for these issues, for I believe that this is the only way you may be able to obtain copies of these now out of print books.

In May 1993 Innovation comics first started to publish an ongoing monthy comic faithfully recreating and expanding upon the Republic Pictures show. Mike Deodato, Jr. is the renowned airbrush painter, who did the illustrations for this series. Unfortunately after the sixth issue the storyline which was to be continued in issue seven never materialized. Soon after Innovation was no longer in business and went belly up.

In 1989 'Portrait of Love' was published by First Publishing. The Cover Painting is by Olivia De Berandinis.

As all of you fans know, this is the famous painting seen in the episode "Song of the Bluebird'. In this graphic novel Vincent is compeled to create a portrait of Catherine. After which when the portrait is done by Vincent, Paracelsus steals it from him for the portrait represents to Paracelsus something of which he cannot have, nor ever will have, and that is love.

In 1990 'Night of Beauty' was also published by First Publishing. The Cover Painting is by Jim Warren.

This graphic novel is extremely dark, sad and disturbing in that the story takes place after Catherine's death.

Wendy Pini drew upon the mystical teachings of the Bardo, the non-physical reality that exists beyond the life of the body. The Bardo was written more than 1,200 years ago by Tibetan lamas. In this graphic novel, Vincent crosses over with the help of Narcissa, in order to help Catherine "go towards the light'. It is their love which binds her still to this earthly realm, and it is with Vincent's love that he must help Catherine find her way to the light and thus to be finally at peace.

This novel published in 1993 by Cinemaker Press is one of many collaborations between K. Kimberly Prosser and Lisa Swope. They have written many, many novels and fanfic regarding Beauty and the Beast. This particular novel expands on the episode 'Song of the Bluebird'. The Cover Painting is by Kevin Barnes.

In this bittersweet love story, it isn't Beauty who needs to discover the man inside the Beast, but the man himself. When Alexandra Miller takes off for a remote place in New Hampshire to paint Leland Comptons's portrait, nothing has prepared her for what's in store. The house is almost a castle, with its massive chimney, mullioned windows, and iron-work gate with wrought-iron roses. The housekeeper is unnerving. Lee himself is hideously disfigured by a rare genetic disease. But in the long hours of work together, Alix discovers that beneath Lee's disturbing exterior lies a true prince. Gradually, she realizes that she loves him, and he absolutely refuses to believe her. This is the book of which CABB warned the fans about in regards to its sad, but hopefull ending. To each his/her own, but I found the book to be wonderful and very well written.

Richard Mayhew is a plain man with a good heart and an ordinary life that is changed forever on a day he stops to help a girl he finds bleeding on a London sidewalk. From that moment forward he is propelled into a world he never dreamed existed, a dark subculture flourishing in abandoned subway stations and sewer tunnels below the city, a world far stranger and more dangerous than the only one he has ever known. This book written by Neil Gaiman creator of the "Sandman" comic books is not really a Beauty and the Beast type of novel, but I included it here because there are some similarties to the TV series and for those who are interested in a different kind of Tunnel World. I found the novel to be fast paced and quite the adventure! Not to mention that I have long been a fan of his comic "Sandman" as well!

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