Valotte is a Julian Lennon Fan Fiction Club! So if you've written any stories be sure to send them this way! Valotte was founded on Monday June 18th 2001 by Britney Moore. If you're intrested in submiting stories and joining click here

News: Chapter 5 is now up in 'My Adventures in Never Never Land' so folks that's the completed story! Untill next time!


last updated:08-28-2002

Stories with G ratings:

Day After Day: A Julian Lennon/ Joy Electric Fan Fiction cross over by Britney Moore
My Adventures In Never-Never Landby Britney Moore

Stories with PG ratings:

A Game Of Sortsby Britney Moore
The Invasion of the Spider from Mars: A Julian Lennon/Ron Wood/Ziggy Stardust storyby Britney Moore

Stories with PG-13 ratings:

Photograph Smile by Britney Moore

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