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This tribute site, dedicated to the recent incident of terrorism on the east coast of America, is something I feel strongly about. Not only is it hitting our country extremely hard, but certainly we are not alone in the world. This site will let you know on pretty much everything dealing with the attack on America. Here is where you can also express your sorrow, sympathy, or any other feelings needed in my guesbook. Around the world, we are all deeply moved by this sudden act of terrorism, and I certainly hope it will be the last time it will happen. Please feel free to sign my guestbook expressing your feelings. If you have anything you will like to contribute, please let me know and e-mail me, Andromeda Princess, at

Even though I live in California and many miles away from where this incident happened, I still feel terribly affected. We can all make a difference.

I have now started this webring regarding the act of anti-terrorism. For more information, please check out the webring and join today!

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Show your support for freedom and democracy

"AP's Eternal Flame"

candle courtesy of artist unknown.

NOTE: This is listed on the disclaimers page, but in case you would like to hear it here first, then so be it, This is an UNOFFICIAL site and is put together by me, Andromeda Princess, due to the recent events. I am only a teenager and do not mean to do any harm in any way, shape, or form. If one does feel offended, I am terribly sorry - I am only here to help. Please do not sue - we shall reach a negotiation together. All credits for pictures used on this site are also listed on the Disclaimers page for more information. Thank you very much.

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