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02.10.03 - Well the new site is finally here. If it doesn't look like I've been sitting here on my ass working on it 24/7 for the past couple months, it's because I haven't. Basically I got bored and decided on a layout. And when one of my flash bitches(Ritpcage) didn't feel like doing a site because he was too afraid of me thinking it sucked, which it probably would, I decided to take actions into my own hands and just keep it to the good 'ole html. I like it like this anyway, because its alot easier to edit than Flash, particularly because I don't know Flash and I'm too lazy to sit and learn the shit. Other than that, I think this site is nice, if you don't then thats too damn bad. It isn't completely done. Maybe if I work on it all day today it could be, but that will be hard. As I write this, I'm listening to Nonpoint's "Statement". The Info section won't take long to do. The Art might be a little trickier, but I have something in mind for it. Targets should pop up on the right, I'm going to add some more people to that, just as soon as they tell me they want to be in, if they do. Then I just need to edit everyone elses and make them accessible. Links will be simple, I think I should do that next. Contact is just a link to e-mail me, and that's been done. Other than that, I have nothing to say. Bye bye.