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Basically this is the whole deal on how my site evolved and why I made it. It really isn't much of a story to tell. I got the idea to start making the site from Bear. He also has a site, right now it's something you don't want to see. And on to the real info. This is basically just a site for nothing. Just about me and my friends. Some day I might have something that is actually useful and important up here, but for now I'll just stick with the b.s. that is always on here. Here are the most important dates for this site.

07.26.01 -
The name "The Tik Tac Box" is chosen for my new site that is under construction. It will be launched within the week.
08.01.01 - The site is finished and launched. What else was I supposed to do on this day, watch MTV 20th Anniversary? Yeah, in your bra.
09.03.01 - I revamped my site and it looks better than ever. I changed the main image and took away the links area. Now the links are accessible through the pic.
11.04.01 - Site now features music. DoD's beta 2 video to be exact. Also there are two random enter pics cycling. Soon to be more.
08.14.02 - Music is back on the site, thanks to Blake. Signs' main theme is playing. Took away the two pics in the beginning. Redid the entire site. Added a bunch of new features and other things.
11.30.02 - Site is being completely torn apart. I will be redoing it over Christmas break. See ya next year.
02.10.03 - Heh, well that took a lot longer than expected, but it's here. Brand new site for you non-existant people that visit my site.