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Name: Blake a.k.a Donkey
AIM: bitch ass blake
Gamespy Arcade: hedsic
Favorite Bands: Slipknot, MuDvAyNe, (hed)p.e., Adema
Favorite Food: Pez
Personal Quote: I hear ducks quacking!
Favorite Movie(s): Dumb & Dumber, Friday
Favorite Song: "Ode to My Car" - Adam Sandler
Favorite Sport: Paintball
Favorite Team: -
Favorite Number: 69
Hobbies: Web Design, Guitar, Ripping Vids.
Favorite Actor: Norm McDonald
Favorite Actress: Jessica Alba
Favorite TV Show: MTV2 Rock
Website: Gumby Kong Alliance
Counter-Strike name: hedsic
Day of Defeat name: hedsic
Red Alert 2 name: hedsic