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My Art Gallery

These are works of art that have been created by me. You are free to take them and use them on your own pages if you want, so long as you don't try to pass it off as your own work. In other words: DON'T SAY YOU MADE THESE!

Fire Goddess

I did this pic in 1998. I started off with a simple pencil drawing. A few years later I colored it in with watercolor. The background a friend did for me using Photoshop.

This picture symbolizes the creative aspects of the element of Fire.

The Water Goddess

This pic was done in the same manner as the Fire Goddess. Why she is rising out of a cauldron I don't know. Perhaps it is symbolic of the waters of the womb and the birthing process. That makes sense because in Wicca the cauldron symbolizes the womb of the Goddess. That makes this picture somewhat of a paradox because the Goddess is giving birth to herself.

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