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Inn of the Three Moons

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Amber's Webpage

Welcome to the Inn of the Three Moons Information page. All the questions that members and querents have had about our club will be answered here. So. In this revised edition of this website will be several things.
First there will be a new posting of what I call the "Rules of Engagement". This are the things that you can and cannot do to the story as we create it. Also it helps with player interaction as well as gives new members an idea as to where to start with character creation and laying out a basic history.

This second section will be a bit about Mawdryn the continent we'll be playing on. Pantheon and geography will be the focus. This is all players will need to give them an idea of what they'll be up against since not many of you and probably read my "Work in Progress" which you will find on my webpage.
    Geography~Here is where you will find your starting points. Scroll down until you find the number that corresponds with the one you choose for your character(s) and that will give you an idea of where to start posting.
  1. The Town and Tower of Scorar~The town is your basic thriving community. Consisting mostly of craftsman, townspeople, a few mercenaries, and general travelers, there is a feeling that the town supports the tower. The best crops, weapons (of which there are surpisingly few), cloth, and armor (again of which there is little) all get picked up every week by Tower wagons. Everyone is friendly for the most part, but they are all generally obsessed with keeping the Tower and it's residents in good shape.
  2. The Zarian Plains~I guess the best way to describe the few settlements in Zaria is to say "Picture Qui-Shu meets Mythical Arabia". There is diffently an Arabic feel to the few settlements, but the archeticture is fairly primitive. It's a covert materiachial society which women still remember the value of men, but men are generally seen 'spoiling' their women. Buying all kinds of exotic treats and presents for them. There are a few more mercenaries in the Plains because Women like to hire them to fight their battles in exhibition like matches in the town squares. People tend to be alittle more Private in the Plains, but are very traditional and exacting in the performance of those traditions.
  3. The Fort of Full Moon~This is located in the approximate center of the continent. It is a miltiary post that is the center of all trade routes throughout the continent. There are craftsman, nobility, mercenaries, students, masters, and travelers from every corner of the land. There's work to be found for anyone looking for it, companions for near to every kind of journey, and destractions of every description.
  4. The Fortress City of Leria~There is only one way to describe Leria. Men are the lowest form of life in the World and Women excercise their right to rule it. In Leria, only Women are allowed to graduate from the Warrior College, but men can enroll with a feminine sponser and if he 'proves worthy' (I leave that to open interpretation ;)) he can graduate to palace gaurd. All places of power all held by women. Men are the servants, dancers, and waiters. There are a few free men in Leria but they are under constant servilance and harassed at every turn. (I must admit I'm surprised no one picked the number 4. :0)
    The rest of this section are the two geographical points that are going to constantly come up in the story.
  5. The Fairy Woods~This is a dense forest between Scorar and Leria. Remarkably enough, it is also all around Full Moon. It is always gentle summer in these woods and many travelers have come out with tales of going in with more than they came out with and vice versa. Tales of the best sleep they'd had in their lives. Some have even claimed to see a unicorn with a grey cloud somewhere on the rump. None can agree where they saw it, but they all agree there was a cloud.
  6. The Northern Mountains~There is a small forest at the base of the Northern range. There is said to be a race of mercenary-like beings that live in the trees. Supposedly they are blessed by the Chaos Queen so no one has any great love to go and investigate. In the mountains themselves, there is said to live a race of the most learned and masterful warriors the world has ever known. But none have come down from the mountains in over a 1000 years, so no one knows what they look like. Some say they are beautiful beyond words, others say they are so ugly, they turn you to stone or dust on the spot.
The last section will be a summary of the story as it progresses. This way people who jump in after the story has offically started will not be completely lost. This will also help players who have to take a leave of absence for school, work, or other personal business will also not be lost when they return.
Well, that's about all I have to start this new web page. I'll have to gather somemore information and refresh myself alittle as to the time period we'll be running in and ironing out npc's and my own characters. Write back soon and get ready we'll be starting shortly after the first of March. Peace and sweet dreams. Amber