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100 Ways to Use Pixie Sticks

Oooo... guess what. Time for an interactive article. "What does that mean?" you ask? It means that I'm too bloody stupid to think of a full 100 ways, so I'm asking you for help. Just mail me with your idea and I'll post it here with your name. :) Ok, so let's start at the top:

  1. Open the top. Pour contents into your mouth. Throw the tube away.
  2. Don't open the top. Just eat the whole thing.
  3. Spike someone's drink with it.
  4. Spike your own drink with it.
  5. Do lines of Pixie Sticks.
  6. Eat the powder. Then use that tube thing as ammo four your ghetto-style blow-pipe straw.
  7. Stick two tubes on your teeth and pretend you're a walrus.
  8. Stick two tubes on your head and pretend you're an alien.
  9. Use it as coffee sweetener
  10. Sell the powder in small bags on a city street corner.
  11. You know those animal-containers they let you fill with sand at the local fair? The ones you use to love as a kid? Set up your own stand and tell people it's edible sand. There's big money in this one, folks.
  12. Put some in an envelope and send it to a major media headquarters and/or politician. (Ok, seriously, don't do this. Please.)
  13. Draw something with it on a clean table. Mmm... edible art.
  14. While playing D&D, say that it's magical fairy dust and that eating it makes you invincible for the rest of eternity.
  15. Feed it to your neighbor's dog and see what happens.
  16. In chemistry class, when they make you do tests with odd-looking powder, substitute the powder with pixie stick powder of the appropriate color. Then ask the teacher why it isn't working.
  17. Pour it in a large circle in an open field. Continue doing so until someone asks you what you're doing. Then tell them you're making a landing signal for aliens.
  18. Pour some yellow pixie powder stick into snow when nobody's looking. Then eat it in front of someone.
  19. Pour some yellow pixie powder stick into snow when nobody's looking. Then tell them to eat it.
  20. Make some chocolate chip cookies using pixie sticks instead of sugar.
  21. Pour some into the chalk ledge before class. Then lick it off when people come in.
  22. Eat a whole big of pixie sticks. Then pour another bag into a large bowl. Mix it up and watch the pretty colors. 8)
  23. Stick one of those eraser thingies on the top of one and try to use it as a pencil.
  24. Stick a flag on the end of a pixie stick and take part in an Independence Day parade (US only).
  25. Go to the top of a large tower and threaten to eat some unless someone gives you a million dollars (for best effects, make sure the powder's not in it's tube. This will create a more realistic effect).
  26. Have a pixie stick eating contest. You don't even need to have other people enter!
  27. Use the powder as fish food.
  28. Donate some to charity. Tell them that, if the kids are thankful for a peanutbutter sandwich, they'll probably bow down and worship you for pixie sticks.
  29. Give a single pixie stick to trick-or-treaters. Record results in a scientific journal.
  30. Give a pixie stick to your boss. Tell him that they're more where that came from and that you'd be willing to supply him... for a promotion.
  31. Test the conductivity of pixie sticks. Start at zero volts and continue to raise the voltage until the stick is throughly roasted.
  32. While on pixie sticks, think of something crazy, call it a philosophy, write a book about it, and become rich.
  33. Start a new philosophy ABOUT pixie sticks. Become even richer.
  34. Mix it up with Silly Putty for your own homemade chewing gum.
  35. Give some to DragonlordALS2
  36. Pour some of the filling into your car's petrol tank. When someone asks you what you're doing, say the car was running low on energy.- justinmcsoviet
  37. Refill them with Jell-O or Kool-Aid powder.- _dragon_razor_
  38. Make rock candy with the pixie stick powder in a fish tank so the fish can enjoy some too!- _dragon_razor_
  39. Shove them up your nose and sniff them, these are legal, drugs are not- _dragon_razor_ (Note from DragonlordALS2- I don't condone sniffing pixie sticks. crushed smarties are better.)
  40. Make a cake and put pixie sticks in it instead of money- _dragon_razor_
  41. Drink through the pixie sticks straws and then you'll have a nice mix of root beer and more sugar!- _dragon_razor_
  42. Just add water! Now you have a pixie stick shake! Drink fast,it might dissolve.- reddjailbird
  43. Put SEVERAL large pixie stix in pot. I have no idea what happens when you cook sugar, but hey! Put in oven for as long as you want and see what happens!- reddjailbird
  44. Put the powder on people's shoulders when they're not looking. Then laugh at them and tell them they have dandruff.- Not a member, but wants to be known as "mgash"