Street Scene
"Street Scene"
By Elmer Rice

(I love this scene. In this scene, a couple is breaking up because the female is wanting change in her life, but the male loves her too much to let her go and begs her to take him with her wherever she's going. Both are on the brink of tears. This is an awesome scene. You might want to cut a lot of Rose's lines though because she goes off into tangents and they get pointless, she also addresses Sam a lot, so feel free to dissect them.)

Sam: I must talk to you! What are you going to do, Rose?

Well, I haven't really had any time to do much thinking. But I really think the best thing I could do, would be to get out of New York. You know, like we were saying this morning--how things might be different, if you only had a chance to breathe and spread out a little. Only when I said it, I never dreamt it would be this way.

Sam: If you go, I'll go with you.

Rose: But, Sam dear--

Sam: I don't care anything about my career. It's you--you--I care about. Do you think I can stay here, stifling to death, in this slum, and never seeing you? Do you think my life means anything to me without you?

Rose: But, Sam, we've got to be practical about it. How would we manage?

Sam: I don't care what I do. I'll be a day-laborer; I'll dig sewers--anything. [Taking her passionately in his arms.] Rose, don't leave me!

Rose: I like you so much, Sam. I like you better than anybody I know.

Sam: I love you, Rose. Let me go with you!

Rose: It would be so nice to be with you. You're different from anybody I know. But I'm just wondering how it would work out.

Sam: If we have eath other, that's the vital thing, isn't it? What else matters but that?

Rose: Lots of things, Sam. There's lots of things to be considered. Suppose something was to happen--well, suppose I was to have a baby, say. That sometimes happens, even when you don't want it to. What would we do, then? We'd be tied down then, for life, just like all the other people around here. They all starting out loving each other and thinking that everything is going to be fine--and before you know, they find out they haven't got anything and they with they could do it all over again--only it's too late.

Sam: It's to escape all that, that we must be together. It's only because we love each other and belong to each other, that we can find the strength to escape.

Rose: [Shaking her head.] No, Sam.

Sam: Why do you say no?

Rose: It's what you said just now--about people belonging to each other. I don't think people ought to belong to anybody but themselves. I was thinking that if my mother had really belonged to herself, and that if my father had really belonged to himself, it never would have happened. It was only because they were always depending on somebody else for what they ought to have had inside themselves. Do you see what I mean, Sam? That's why I don't want to belong to anybody, and why I don't want anybody to belong to me.

Sam: You want to go through life alone?--never loving anyone, never having anyone love you?

Rose: Why, of course not, Sam! I want love more than anything else in the world. But loving and belonging aren't the same thing. [Putting her arms about him.] Sam, dear, listen. If we say good-by now, it doesn't mean that it has to be forever. Maybe some day, when we're older and wiser, things will be different. Don't look as if it was the end of the world, Sam!

Sam: It is the end of my world.

Rose: It isn't, Sam! If you'd only believe in yourself a little more, things wouldn't look nearly so bad. Because once you're sure of yourself, the things that happen to you aren't so important. The way I look at it, it's not what you do that matters so much; it's what you are. [Warmly.] I'm so fond of you, Sam. And I've got such a lot of confidence in you. [Impulsively.] Give me a nice kiss! [They kiss.]

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