Before It Hits Home
By Anastasia Paige

(This is yet... another great submission from This one is too funny. No explination needed. Just read.)

it wasnt a seconds dicision. it took time, it took planning and gosh darn it, it took brains and courage. i am so proud of it, i can barley even stop saying it...."The Penguin Project" beautiful isnt it? the plan is even better than the title. And i am inviting you to come with me! so lets go!

INTRODUCTION Black is such a drab color, but i have to blend in with the sky, and all my surroundings so i guess i have no choice. but back to the pengiuns. i live 1 block away from the city zoo, i see all the creatures, because i go there a lot. ever since i have been planning this, i have gone 2 times a week! its so sad, trapped behind bars and glass. not able to attack!! i free. sorry i tend to get a little excited. What about the other animals, you may ask, what about the birds and the turtles and the peacocks. my answer to you is this. i can only handle one species at a time, but eventually i will clean out the whole zoo! all in good time folks, all in good time. here we are at the locked gate of the zoo. HA these zoo people, think they can keep people out with a simple locked gate! think again! (climb up and over the "fence") Now be careful we have just jumped into danger. SHHHHH! i think i hear what a rush! oh but dont worry it was just those sily monkeys, Screeching in their sleep. ok now we have to make a run for it, its about a 200 meters away, so you must be very longwinded but think youcan make it. ready on three!! one.....two.....three! great! we made it without anyone suspecting a thing. i am so sneaky!...ok you can be sneaky too.(go "inside" of the "penguin exhibit") Oh look there they are sleeping on there wonderful rock hard beds of wonderful. ok enough with this silence EVERYBODY UP!!!!!! lets go lets go, single file, please be quiet, lets stop the wing flapping there...thank you much. ok lets GO!! out the door! yeah run free you are free go go attack...i mean RUN RUN FREE!! hey, the were supposed to run. they look kinda sick......whoo it is HOT out here. oh no....i didnt think of the weather....i sure hope that penguins dont melt!

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