A Palm Tree in a Rose Garden
By Meade Roberts

(After months of unsuccessfull auditioning, Barbara, a young Hollywood Hopeful, expresses her growing fear to Rose, her sympathetic landlady.)

BARBARA: Sure, I've got an agent. So what? This morning, bright and early, I went to see him. Put on my Sunday best and even splurged on a cab. What happened? His secretary said he wasn't in. Would I come back later? I said I'd wait. So I read The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety. Then I read them again. An hour passed, and the secretary came back and said he'd come in through a side door, but he'd be busy all morning. I still said I'd wait. She said I'd better not, that I should call him in the afternoon. So I left and went to Googie's to have lunch. I ran into a girl I once knew. She was all excited because Universal had picked up her option for another six months. I was so envious, I couldn't eat a thing. I made some foolish apology and went next door to Schwab's. I read yesterday's Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety, and finall it was two o'clock. Well, two o'clock is afternoon, isn't it? So I called him. Now he was tied up on a long-distance wire to New York. Would I call back? I called him back at three and three-thirty. At a quarter to four his secretary said he'd gone for the day. He had an appointment to play golf. Rose, I haven't even been able to get a walk-on in a little television show.

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