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About me

Well, first off, my name is Kim and I'm 18 years old and currently a senior in high school. I live in a little town in Florida that no one has ever heard of but it's about 25 minutes away from Daytona Beach.

Anyway, I've been involved in theatre since 4th grade and it was actually my techie debut, I did sound effects for A Christmas Carol cause I didn't want to be in it! Ever since I've been involved in theatre on stage and behind the scenes. I've only been in one musical so far (the only one my school ever did) and that was WORKING by Stephen Schwartz. I actually got a solo (which rocks because I'm not that great of a singer!) but it doesn't really matter because if you're familiar with Working (Which I doubt).. I was Rose Hoffman the bitter, racist teacher that practically hates kids! *Sigh* But hey.. I shouldn't complain, at least I got a part, right? I've gone to district and state competitions for drama ever since my freshman year in high school and hopefully I'll be able to audition this year!! ::woo hoo::

I love musicals... I absolutly LOVE them. I can't sing... but I LOVE musicals and want to be on Broadway (yes yes I know cliche as it is...). Some musicals I love (which you'll find pieces on various pages) are Rent, Aida, Les Miserables, Ragtime, Godspell, Miss Saigon, Chicago, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, there's so many... it's a terrible addiction. I also love straight theatre but it's a tie between both. I can't say which one I like to do better.

What inspired me to create this ghetto page? Well, (besides the fact that it's about theatre) that can be answered by visiting Kelly Campbell's page. I got most of my ideas here. She has a great site that's dedicated to female monologues. I had a lot of ideas for this site but a lot of the credit goes to her. There wouldn't be a reason for this site if it wasn't for her idea. She, like myself, noticed that people are in need for monologues and theatre pieces for class, competitions, and what not but she did something about it and I followed. Please visit her site - Girl's World Of Theatre.

All I have left to say - if you're still reading this is please e-mail me pieces. I'm really striving to build a site that'll help theatre folk. Or if you're feeling bored, and just want to drop me a line... that's cool as well. Thanks!

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