Before It Hits Home
Time To Let Go
By Jeniffer Glass

( Thanks to for submitting this one. It's really good!)

As I sit here my mind goes blank trying to remember your sad face your sad face, your sorrow filled eyes as I felt you that sunny day. You said your didnít love me any more, that I was being too difficult, everything was a game with me. I tried to say I was sorry and that I could and would change. The love that we shared was way too sweet to end in bittersweet remorse. But your didnít want to listen, tried of pretending to care. Your and me were over, all I had to do was realize that and just get over it. I donít remember what else you said, my mind was racing, spinning out of control. Who was I with out you? What would I do? Where would I go? How could I live? As my head tilt-a-whirling out of control, my emotions took over. I started to cry, to weep a river. Through my bleary I looked at you, tears streaming down your face. I saw the love that you still had for me, the same look, the same small gleam of spirit in the dark of your eyes. Only now your love was smaller, weaker, almost gone but it was still there. I closed my eyes and before me a picture show of all the time spent together, the sorrow, the blinding love. At that moment I realized I had to let you go. For all the love that we shared, I had to say goodbye. Even though I still loved you, I said I was okay about us ending our love affair, deep down I think we both knew the truth. We shared one last bittersweet kiss. It was the perfect end to the perfect beginning. Not as a couple but as friends that shared the greatest secret of all time, love. Something that canít be lost or taken away. A past, a history. So now I sit, a small smile upon my face. I look across the room at you, the same expression on your face, and I know without a doubt, thereís still that gleam of love in your eyes as they lock with mine. We share a moment that can only be shared by two lovers that have shared a lifetime of love.

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