Your Daddy's Son
"Your Daddy's Son" from the musical Ragtime
By Stephen Flaherty

(This is a very difficult and beautiful piece. You'd have to have powerful breath support to pull of this song. If done correctly, it is really nice. I've heard this song performed by many different people [referring to students that have gone to thespian competitions.] and only three of them pulled it off. The character in this musical is supposed to be black, but that doesn't mean if you're of different culture you can't do it. Two of the three people I've mentioned pulling it off were, in fact, white. This is a really great song! If you want a synop. of this musical, click here)

Daddy played piano, played it very well.
Music from those hands could catch you like a spell.
He could make you love him before the tune was done.
You have your daddy's hands, you are your daddy's son.

Daddy never knew that you were on your way,
He had other ladies and other tunes to play.
When he up and left me, I just up and run.
Only thing in my head, you are your daddy's son.

Couldn't hear no music,
Couldn't see no light.
Mama, she was frightened, crazy from the fright.
Tears without no comfort, screams without no sound.

Only darkness and pain,
the anger and pain,
the blood and the pain.
I buried my heart in the ground,
in the ground,
When I buried you in the ground.

Daddy played piano, bet he's still.
Mama can't forget him, don't suppose I will.
God wants no excuses, I have only one.
You had your daddy's hands...

Forgive me...

You are your daddy's son.

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