Cradle Song
Cradle Song
By Gregorie and Marie Martinez Sierra; English version by John Garrett Underhill

(Brought to a convent as an infant, Teresa was lovingly reared by the nuns. Now a young woman, she shares some new feelings with the Mother Superior.)

TERESA: Do you know how I would like to spend my life? All of it? Sitting on the ground at his feet, looking up into his eyes, just listening to him talk. You don't know how he can talk. He knows everything--everything that there is to know in the world, and he tells you such things! The things that you always have known yourself, in your heart, and you couldn't find out how to say them. Even when you don't understand, it is wonderful, his voice...I don't know how to explain it, but it is his voice...a voice that seems as if it had been talking to you ever since the day you were born! You don't hear it only with your ears, but with your whole body. It's like the air which you see and breathe and taste, and which smells so sweetly in the garden beneath the tree of paradise. Ah, Mother! The first day he said to me, "Teresa"--you see what simple thing it was, my name, Teresa--why, it seemed to me as if nobody ever called me by my name before, as if I never heard it, and when he went away, I ran up and down the street saying to myself "Teresa, Teresa"--under my breath, without knowing what I was doing, as if I walked on air!

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