Butterflies Are Free
Butterflies Are Free
By Leonard Gershe

(Jill is 19, and afraid for becoming emotionally involved. She has just met the attractive young man who lives in the next apartment.)

JILL: You're thinking I don't look like a divorcee. They're usually around thiry-five with tight-fitting dresses and high-heel patent leather shoes and big boobs. I look more like the kid in a custody fight. I really can't talk about Jack. No, I will talk about him. Once in a while it's good for you to do something you don't want to do. It cleanses the insides. He was terribly sweet and groovy-looking, but kind of adolescent, you know what I mean? Girls mature faster than boys. Boys are neater, but girls mature faster. When we met it was like fireworks. I don't know if I'm saying it right, but it was a marvelous kind of passion that made every day like the Fourth of July. Anyway, the next thing I knew we were standing in front of a justice of the peace getting married. I mean there we were getting married! I hadn't even finished high school and I had two exams the next day and they were on my mind, too. I heard the justice of the peace saying, "Do you, Jack, take Jill to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Can you imaging going through life as Jack and Jill? And then I heard "Till death do you part" and, suddenly, it wasn't a wedding ceremony. It was a funeral service. You know that wedding ceremony is very morbid when you think about it. I hate anyhting morbid and there I was being buried alive...under Jack Benson. I wanted to run screaming out into the night! But it was ten o' clock in the morning. I mean you can't go screaming out into ten o'clock in the morning...so I passed out. If only I'd fainted before I said "I do".

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