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The Ariel Players Present...


About the Ariel Theater


Lucy Seward, daughter of the physician in charge of a sanatorium near London, is mysteriously anemic. Doctor Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases, suspects a vampire which, according to legend, is an ugly soul that, grave-bound by day, roams the earth at night, and sustains its earthly life by sucking the blood of approachable victims. Instituting a search, Van Helsing uncovers Count Dracula as such a vampire and, finding the grave, drives a stake through the heart of the corpse from which he comes, thus ending the vampire's existence.


Phil Luckeydoo, Director

The Ariel Player's will present Dracula. Directed by Phil Luckeydoo on October 26th & 27th as well as November 2nd & 3rd. Each performance will begin at 8P.M. 
Admission is $5 

Cast and Crew

Behind the Scenes