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Icons For Joanne Elizabeth's Pearl,Still Believing, and Sunny Rain

An AOL or other Buddy Icon for Pearl To insert

A Little Icon Disclaimer: I only know how to make them, not insert them, sorry. Please do a search or consult web experts on this matter, but one thing is true that there are icons all over the web, and can be inserted into documents or emails too. :-) I sincerely hope this site as well my newest yahoo group site (names are inspired from the titles of her songs)will show my appreciation and grow additional people to appreciate the wonderful talennts of Joanne Elizabeth Carey, and Matt Engel. Sure, you have influences Joanne, but YOU are also an influence, and the more to hear you, the more to feel it and soak it in. Members, please have patience with me in adding new information. ;)

A Buddy Icon for the Yahoo Group Site for Joanne

This is a members site which I created for members who wish to express interpretations and also learn more about Joanne Elizabeth's Music. It can be viewed as an additional reference but by no means does it pretend to replace the original site created by Joanne and Matt. Those members may add to the site, being of fans who have the pleasure to see her or hear her or who wish to. Additionally inspired works can be added in the perspective of her creative vocal, visual, verbal & musical influence. All the technical, and sounds besides the piano we give thanks to Matt Engel who along with Joanne mastermine beautiful works!

Sunny Rain AOL or Buddy Icon

Joanne Elizabeth has an official site called SUNNY RAIN. This icon is to promoter her OFFICIAL SITE. I made a teeny icon from HER OWN artistic design, and the only credit I give myself is the shrinkage and or cropping of the image and rearrangment as needed. At her official site you can really find the most important and up to date information, and can use Paypal as a means to pay for albums