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Matt Engel's Story : His Musical &Technical Influences

What's Matt's Influence in Guitar etc??? (in Progress)

My Favorite Other Guitar or Drum or Music Influencial Sites

Matt Chamberlain's Official Site
Pearl Jam
Goo Goo Dolls
Johm Mayer
Dave Mathews
Match Box 20
Howie Day
VoBooks Collector's Ordering Site
NME Originals Musician Collector Magazines

While awaiting my interview question answers from Matt Engel, I looked at their site, and it says that Matt plays "guitars and stuff" and ummm...I need to get a teensy weensy bit more here, so I made this 'unique' background to celebrate the "guitar spirit" and did a fun "piano spirit" background for Joanne, and meanwhile, we will have to wait for his answers as to what brand and model guitar, and the drums, what type. Vagueness keeps the person questioning, so maybe they were just keeping us guessing, untilthey tell us the juicy musical info!