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I am a good friend and but more importantly in this context, I am a great fan of Joanne Elizabeth! I met her on my MSN site, as she so kindly added to my site. I was so happy because not only did I realize she shared my musical interests, she taught me a lot about it. Her influences are Tori Amos and Sarah McGlachlan?? Spelling. The important thing about it was, that I realized her talent was great, and she has been sort of Olympia Washington's secret. Well, the world awaits you Joanne! Give it to us!!! I named it after you and the special song. You know what I mean, Joanne. I hope that gives you warmth in your heart as your songs do mine!From: Joanne We are now on at There is an interview, and I added the song "Haunting" from So Pretty. This is the first time this song has been available online! Check it out. If you vote for our songs there, they just might move up the site's music chart. JUST ADDED: jOANNE ELIZABETH HAS HER SONGS UP ON A NEW GREAT SITE TO LISTEN TO!!! VISIT THE LINKS HERE AND LISTEN... Herlist of music sites: (A Better Place, Blue Prison, The First Noel) (A Better Place, Blue Prison, Pearl-live) (A Better Place, Haunting)