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Joanne Elizabeth: Her Philosophy & My Thoughts About Her

Where does she play live, when she is 'prepping' for her albums?

This is what I think about how Joanne feels about her music: Joanne's music is very personal to her, and the actual playing and recording might possibly be the most important aspect of the musical experience itself. I feel, as a fan, avid listener, and friend, that the very act of playing her music, having it reach the soul of the listener, and knowing that it might influence the listener in a good way, is one of the pivital things for Joanne's musical conquest. I think she loves the act of singing extremely! Her music reaches the soul of a listener, in a very personally unique way, and each listener can interpret meanings in their own way, and to Joanne, I think that very part of it, is very gratifying! Personally, I think Joanne is a very intelligent, and active person in her pursuits, and cares very much about all the people (and animals)in her life. She has striken me as being sensibly serious, yet whitty and down right hilarious at times! She has a great sense of humor, says funny comebacks, but also knows when to keep humor in it's place. She is passionate about the pressing issues going on in the current world. I have enjoyed all of our conversations since more than a year now! Her music, since I heard it then, and even more so now, has sincerely touched my soul greatly! I sincerely hope Elizabeth Joanne keeps moving forward in her persuits in such a touchy and fierce world of music...but hopefully she will remember that it is all worth it in the end...all the efforts, the hard plus the easier times, the music itself...will be the reason to keep it up! We have five human innate senses, but we need imput to appreciate our senses, her music, as all other great usic reaches one of our necessary five senses, and we appreciate it, and use it as a means to 'get on with life' and as simple as enjoying such humble persuits as hearing music that pleases us, that perhaps says what we wish to say, or tells us what we wish to hear, or makes us think in different perspectives, helps us widen our worlds in an ever enclosing world. The musical sounds, her vocal expession, and tone, and suddenly then...our day feels a little bit brighter, a little bit happier, or pensive, because of one such person, a talented musician like Joanne Elizabeth...

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