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This is a movie clip of an mr2 doing donuts.

My life is over
How can the one I adore have left me here in pain
I donít know what I could do to remove this stain
The stain that she left when walking away
The stain she left with the words she said
She said that Iím a failure
Not understanding what Iíve got
Not realizing all the wrongs I have brought
How could I have known that all I did is wrong
How could I have known until she was gone
I spent my days as a statue
Glaring at the skies by the window
Not realizing that time goes on
Wishing to return to the way things are before
Iíve ignored all that have passed by me
Neglecting all the words that is said to me
Until that one day when I knew I had to move on
Until that one day I realized she is gone
Never to return to this life of mine
I had to open my eyes to see what I would find
I went to take a walk for a while
Then I found you sitting by the clouds
Opening my eyes to a new reality
Showing me wonders that I have never seen
You helped me regain my conscience
Even when it took way too much patience
Iím thankful, for you pulled me away from the dark
With the job of an angel playing itís part
Then I realized the hope I see in your eyes
That one feeling that almost made me cry
These tears werenít the reflection of bitterness
But instead reflected from joy and happiness
Now I know that my life goes on
Now that I reborn from within your arms
Removing my heart of all itís pain
Bringing me to some happy days
I never knew that I can feel this way
I never knew that I could love again
It is you who helped me through
It is you who made it true
Now my heart is filled with a brand new hope
Filled with the hope I found in you
Who would imagine that things would go wrong
Whoíd imagine that weíd be apart
Now I have to face a new reality
Now my life returns to itís insanity
Something that Iíve long forgotten
That now created many problems
Iím once again left without a love
Iíll once again miss someone too much
Now that youíre out of my life
My heartís no longer alive
So once again Iím all alone
Once again Iíve turned to stone
Sitting still inside my room
And my mind filled with only you
Yearning for you to return to me
And return things to the way it use to be
I sit here just waiting for you
The angel who once pulled me through
Please be with me once again
Please listen to what I have to say
I canít live another day without you
For those days are just way too cruel
I need you back in my arms
Please; say youíll return to my heart

Oh my sweet lady valentine
How I wish youíll always be mine
From this day till the end of time
Iíd give you my all
Just hold me close in your arms
I have but just one wish
That youíd accept my special gift
A sacred rose bound with all my love
And my kiss along with a gentle hug
I dreamt of you all my life
Awaiting only this special night
That weíd be together holding hands
And in our hearts only romance
And in our minds only what we see
Making this day last an eternity
Starting now and every year at this time
Youíll forever be my only valentine

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