Binding Spells

Bindings should only be done when all other avenues have been exhausted. Try to work things out with the other person, as honest communication can often solve many problems. If the person in question is someone you'd rather not deal with, try as hard as you can to stay away from him or her. Bindings are one of those "last resort" spells -- something to be done only when absolutely necessary to prevent harm from coming to you or your family. Always remember the Rede and the Law of Three when doing spells of any kind. And NEVER wish anyone harm -- do all spells for "the highest good of all." If you cannot do a binding from a place of peace, don't do it at all.

A Simple Binding Spell

Items Needed:

Picture of the person doing harm

String or ribbon

Spell: Take the string or ribbon and start rapping it around the persons picture and repeat I bind you (person's name) from doing harm against yourself and against others repeat this over and over until the whole picture is covered then a spell will be cast on this person from doing harm! When this is complete, you have three option for the picture:

1. Put it in a bottle, fill with water and freeze.

2. Throw it in a body of water that is moving away from you.

3. Sew it into a poppet

Binding Spell

Materials needed:

symbol of the person you wish to bind

black ribbon for burning:

matches or lighter

cauldron or heat proof bowl

bowl of water

Cast your circle and your invocations, then take the symbol of the person you wish to bind, and wrap a black ribbon around it (do not overlap ribbon if you plan to rip instead of burn). Burn it in your cauldron or rip it. While doing so, chant these words three times: "(name of person), by the Lady and the Lord, you are binded, and incapable of doing harm against (anyone or anything you choose)." After said three times, say...

"so mote it be."

Then place the ashes or the ripped quantity in the bowl of water for the person to be cleansed.

A Spell of Binding

Get a large white candle, the kind that drips wax, and set it up on a tray. Affix to it a photograph or other image of the person you wish to bind. Make a ring of sea salt around it. Make a second ring with protective herbs. Fill the rest of the tray with images that represent what you are binding the person from: pictures of your family, keys to your house, legal documents, whatever. If the problem is too complex for images, write what the person is bound from on slips of paper and place them around the candle. Papyrus, or paper made from cotton or linen work best for this. Use red ink if you are angry, purple ink if you are sad. Wrap the candle and the image with black thread. Say out loud what you are binding the person from. Light the candle and leave it burn until the wax begins to drip over the thread and image. Burn it every day for a week, until the image is thick with wax. Use this as a meditation device to direct your will to binding the person


On a piece of paper, write full name of person to be banished. Roll up and tie with black string. Sprinkle with salt water and recite "Thou creature of paper. By paper made, by paper changed. Thou art not paper, but thou art negative influences in (person to be bound). So mote it be! " Light the black candle. Burn the paper in the candle, visualizing all negative power over you vanishing in the flames and rising out of your world with the smoke Sprinkle basil and garlic over the flames and recite:

Blazing force of cleansing fire Help me in this rite. By air and earth, water and fire So be you bound With this rite, Your power takes flight Sky and sea, Keep harm from me Cord go round, Power be bound Your negativity will no longer come my way. From henceforth, your power over me is banished. So Mote it Be!

Let paper burn itself out while visualizing a healthy, positive relationship with the person Close the circle, thank the watchtowers for their protection.

Simple Binding Spell

For this binding, you will need some heavy paper or cardboard, a dull-colored yarn (such as a dreary grey or muted red), and a black candle. It is best done during a waning moon, or during the Dark Moon. Draw and cut-out a basic human shape. A gingerbread man-type of shape will work fine. When you have the shape cut out, draw features on it to resemble the person you wish to bind. You can use markers, crayons, pencils... whatever you feel comfortable using. Form a mental image of the person as you draw his/her features. Pay attention to details such as clothing and any particular identifiers such as glasses, scars, etc. Focus your intent as you draw, concentrating on why you need this person to leave you alone. When you have the figure completed, fold it in half length-wise, with the features turned in. Light the black candle and sit for a few minutes, holding the folded figure. Gaze at the candle flame and concentrate on the black candle absorbing all the negativity this person has caused in your life. If you have hatred or anger for this person, throw it into the candle and ask that it be taken away.Using the yarn and slowly, with much concentration and visualization, wrap it tightly around the figure, chanting quietly as suits your needs. Name the image as you chant. For example, if you wish an abusive ex-spouse to leave you alone, so you might chant: "You are (person's name). You have no power over me anymore. You will leave me alone." Call on any patron deities you might have, especially those who are protective, and ask Their help. Build the power with your chanting as you wrap the figure over and over. When the figure is completely wrapped, thrust all your power into it. Know that this person cannot do harm to you or anyone else. Hold the bound figure over the candle (but not touching the flame!) and say...

"(Person's name), I bind you in the name of the Lord and Lady. You can not harm me. You can not harm my family. You can not harm yourself. You are bound by my will; so mote it be!"

Place the bound figure in a safe place -- perhaps your magickal cabinet or at the bottom of a dresser drawer -- and leave it alone. Know that you are safe from the negative intentions of the person you have bound. It is done. If necessary, renew the spell at each full cycling of the Moon by taking the bound figure out and charging it again over a fresh black candle.

Binding a Spell

Classic Version

Farrar, Janet and Stewart; "Eight Sabbats For Witches": Robert Hale 1983

Valiente, Doreen; "Witchcraft for Tomorrow"; Phoenix Publishing 1985

"Come ye as the charm is made! Queen of heaven, Queen of hell, Horned Hunter of the night Lend your power unto the spell, And work our will by magic rite! By all the power of land and sea, By all the might of moon and sun I call the Earth to bind my spell. Air to speed it well. Bright as Fire shall it glow. Deep as tide of Water flow. Count the elements fourfold, In the fifth the spell shall hold."

To Bind a Trouble Maker

BEST TIME: Waning Moon Situate the cauldron between 2 black candles, with a third black candle opposite you on the far side of the altar. Burn a protection or binding incense. Have the names of your enemies writtenon a smallpeice of parchment. If the names are unknown, merely write all my enemies. Sprinkle basil and elder flowers into the cauldron. Say:

Bubble, bubble, cauldron bubble Burn the evil, destroy the trouble.

Ignite the parchment from the central candle and drop into the cauldron. Take up the wand and stir the air above the cauldron while chanting:

Darkness ended, control is done. Light has come. My battle's won.

Take the ashes and herbs outside. Throw them up to the winds and the Moon.

Freezer Binding Spell

This spell is adapted from one by DJ Conway in the 1996 Llewellyn Magickal Almanac.

This spell is best just after the Full Moon, or at least while the moon is waning, and needs to be renewed every month or when the person starts bothering you again. Write the name of the person you wish to prevent from harming you on a piece of paper. Gaze at the paper and visualize the face of the person in question, see their face vividly imprinted on the paper. Then, fold the paper three times. Tie it up with black thread or string, and put into a small watertight container (baby food jars are ideal). Fill the container with water, and place in a nook of the freezer where it's unlikely to be disturbed, saying 'Stay there and freeze as long as I please'.

Cord Binding Spell

Take a short length of black thread. Tie a knot in one end, saying: 'One to seek him/her/it.' (choose whichever pronoun is appropriate) Tie a knot in the middle, saying: 'One to find him/her/it,' Tie a knot in the other end, saying: 'One to bring him/her/it,' Tie the two ends together, saying: 'One to bind him/her/it.' Bury the knotted thread far away from your property or drop it on a road or waste ground far from where you live.

Binding Spell


1 NEW Compact with Mirror (Black)

1 Picture of Person to be Bound

1 Black Candle

1 White Candle

1 27" piece of black cord

1 9" square of black silk (or cotton)

Oil: Rose (for the properties of banishing, releasing and balance)

Incense: Dragon's Blood (for the properties of binding, protection, and purification)

Herb: Rue (for the properties of blessing, healing, and purification)

On the night of the full moon, take the compact and open it upside down ( never look into the mirror), and dig out the tin powder container. Without look into the mirror, place it face up in a safe place where no one will look into it, yet it will reflect the light of the moon. The following morning (before sunrise, if possible), close the compact and wrap it in the black silk. The following night, as the moon is just beginning to wane, set up your altar as usual, cast your circle, etc... Begin by anointing the Black Candle with the Rose Oil... (hold candle with thumb and forefinger, rub oil with power hand from wick down; then bottom up; focusing on your intent to protect yourself from this individual). Next, anoint the White Candle in the opposite manner (focusing on your intent to bring harmony, balance and enlightenment to the current situation). Empower the Rue, focusing your intent on all of the above. (Don't forget to empower the Rose Oil with the intentions listed beside it, above. Light the Black Candle, saying "This candle burns for my intent, Sending back what sender sent. Freeing all from harm by s/he, An' it harm none, so mote it be." Light the White Candle, saying "This candle burns for his/her intent, Learning from what back is sent. Freeing him/her from harm by s/he, An' it harm none, so mote it be." Take the picture, and while anointing say, "Here the face of harm doth lie, May he/she look him/herself in the eye. May he/she see the harm and turn, Before the Wheel fires cease their burn. Oh, Deities of Justice see! An' it harm none so mote it be." Lay the picture on your Pentacle, pick up the compact and open it upside down (remember, don't look in the mirror!). With the bottom flat on the altar, and the mirror facing away from you (reflecting the candle light), sprinkle the Rue in the bottom of the compact (concentrating on your intention), place the picture (face up) on top of the Rue and close the compact. Take up the cord and begin binding the compact saying, "I bind you here for harm you've done, To see yourself alone as one. I bind you here to learn your woes, To turn them as the Sabbats go. I bind you not for harm to come, But to see the truth of what you've done. I bind with love, I bind with care, That you, yourself, your actions bear." Pass the bound compact through the flame of each candle, the smoke of the incense, and sprinkle it with blessÚd water. Place it on the pentacle. Raise your power. When you release it, focus on the bound person... see them learning from their own mistakes, see yourself free of further harm from them, and focus on the love that the Lord and Lady have for all their children. When finished, simply say, "This spell is done, an it harm none, By Earth, Sky & Sea, So Mote It Be! Close circle. Wrap compact in black silk and put it someplace safe.

Binding Spell

this is used to keep someone from giving away a secret. You need a poppet, or a clay or wax efigy named for the person it represents, then with the right words take a needle and thread w/ 21" length of red silks & sews up the mouth of the figure. finish up by winding up the body with the rest of the thread, concentrating on the simple reason for this forbidden to speak of the secret. this should safe guard the secret. place poppet or whatever in a safe place,wrapped in white cloth. as long as the thread remains this person shall be silent.

Against Magick & The Evil Eye Wear around the Neck: Callen Dan Dant, Dan Dant Callen, Dan Callen Dant.