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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Wait...nevermind. Only for all of those kids that gave me presents. So if you didn't...please uh...IGNORE what I just wrote up top. But it's not too late for YOU to have a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year. You can still send me presents or money. I accept only cash or money orders. No credit cards please. Anyways, we got 2 weeks off school now. I haven't updated my site in years. I have too much free time now and plus it's raining outside so I'll update whenever I am free. I need feedback too. Send me questions, comments, and things you want me to add on my site. Or IM (NoDoubtGP) me and tell me. Alrighty then. New things so far on the site: I found a way to eliminate all the gay banners from angelfire. No more annoying pop up ads.

Note *( If you can't see pics on this or on any other pages, then close this window and go to your desktop. There should be a "E" Icon, which is the Explorer icon. Open it and type in my page from there. If it doesn't work, you need a new computer. I'll buy you one for free!! When pigs fly that is.)

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I moved!! It's been like 4 months or something already. The house is pretty big and the yard is hella fat. Fat like a very fatty fat lady that eats a lot. Yes. I'll invite you over some day. "Cough" not "Cough". Excuse me. My allergies are kicking in. Anyways, explore my site. It's pretty fun....(for fags). J/k....("cough" not "cough"). Damit allergies. My sinuses are acting up again. Oh, to navigate around the site, look on your left and see the navigation bar. Just put your mouse arrow icon over it and it will open up. ­Hoan

Recent Updates: 2/11/03 Damn, its been a while since i've updated anything. Well, nothing much really happened. Im about to give my Automatic CElica GT to my sister and she's gonna buy my a GT-S 6Speed. Gonna take a while though, But sometime after the semester ends. Hm...I've added a new section to my webpage. It's called Alarming Alarms!! Go check that sheet out. Oh, and by the way, happy new year!!

10/14/02 Hi! Thanks Brian for bring the first to post something in the Forum!! For all you other kids who didn't, stop being lazy and post!! Well, search around for updates. I'm not telling you. It'll be like a little mystery or even better, a treasure hunt! And the treasure is giving u pleasure of enjoying the new stuff...Anyways, be sure to check out davids site here:
Yimmy Yim Yim's Site!!

9/1/02 Wow. About 4 months have passed by since I've updated my site. Well, Im gonna be adding a new "College Life" page soon and Im gonna totally update my "Cars Cars Cars" page. I can remember when I wanted to get a Mustang back then. But once i Saw a celica up close and personal, i've been addicted to it ever since. Anyways, hows your college life? Dont forget to IM me at oOFreshNStunnaOo and tell me all bout it!! Alright then, have a good one. Good what? I don't know. That's what white people say. Hm...

4/22 Ok. I made added a new Message forum. YOu can find the link at the bottom of this page. Just click the link. I am now really updating the Stories and Stuff Page. Been getting lots of request by people. Oh, and the Mariah Carey stuff on the Quotes page is all made by Anne and David. Not me. Enjoy the stories.

3/12Happy....uh..March kids. I know. It's been 2 months. I'm gonna try to update and make this the bestestest site beccause Surely (I meant to spell it wrong u meanie) so gave me this one person's site and it was sick. So i want to make mines pretty but i dont know how. Who cares. I didn't change much. I added "magic" page. Yup, thats my new hobby. First it was basketball cards. Spent thousands. Then Flatland BMX biking. Spent 300 for a bike i dont ride no more. Then Magic. Its pretty cool, i enjoy looking at people's reactions. In the mean time, go check out They got some good magic preview and clips. I think I showed most of you the "voodoo" trick, where one half of the card is backwards. I know, that was sick. Everything is sick. Wait, who the hell are those fags that signed my guestbook? Spammers? ADvirtising porn and shit on a Kiddie site? Are they on drugs? Im bout to sue, but i dont know how. I will let them slide for now...

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