Nerds Alliance

Hello and Welcome to the New layout for the Nerds Alliance, which is indeed the new name for The Zero System!

3/1/07: At last.

12/25/03: Merry Christmas to all!

11/18/03: Whoa.

8/31/03: Updated the journal page. Hurah.

8/11/03: My brithday was yesterday. I'm 16 now.

7/15/03: Absolutely nothing going on.

5/08/03: Wow..haven't updated main site in two months. Sorry about that.

3/04/03: Maybe.

2/17/03: Something. New. Approaches.

2/07/03: Ugh. Mind. Burnt Out. Ugh.

1/13/03: Hm. Not much to report here, now is there? I have no clue what to do for new updates and whatnot. Hm. Any ideas?

1/09/03: Long time, no see, huh? Well, I hope you all had a good holiday season, and a very good year! YAY!

12/24/02: Merry Christmas to all (who celebrate it) and to all a good night!

12/15/02: Ah. Long has it been since an update, huh? Well, I'm sorry. I've just been busy with EQ and things like that.

11/14/02: Wow me no updatie lately. Been messin' around with flash. So yeah.

10/31/02: Happy Halloween! YAY!

10/28/02: Well, I revamped the old journal layout into what it is now. Everything should work right, and as with the main page, if it doesn't, just tell me. Heh, thats pretty much all thats been updated / changed / mutilated.

10/26/02: Got a new layout for the site (finally) and have been working on getting it up and working perfectly again. If anyone sees something not working right, feel free to tell me! As well, if you don't like it, or have comments on it, feel free to send me an IM on AIM, my screen name is ProtectorDude. Well, I'm off!

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