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Hey all, well here's my story page for you to pick and read. Have fun, learn and enjoy. All stories are in chronological order.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-This is what started my writing. I wrote this in grade 7 for an english project. I didn't change anything, all spelling and grammer is as it was. Written in 1994.
Batman-Written in 1995 after Batman Forever was released. The story is set just after the movie events took place.
X-Men-I have two pertaining to the mutant fave. of mine so I just made it's own site up.
Runaways-Written in May '96. I saw a movie called 'Runaways', about a prep school girl who got involved with some hot young guy who was in truoble with the law. They fell in love and I don't remember the rest. It was a good movie though.
Mission: Impossible-This was thought of in '96.
The Fight Of Their Lives-I think I wrote this in '99 or '98, my records didn't record. No reason for this one, I just had an idea and used it.
The Amazon Way-Written in Dec. of 2001
The Government-Started in June '02.

Believe what you want, when you want.~~Steph