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6/28/02 Zup. Oh my god, how long has it been since I last upated this page, almost a year, but I'll say one thing, that guy who sighned my guest book about DBX, you inspired me, you rock!!!! But sadly over the coarse of time my interestes have switch form DB,DBZ,DBGT,DBX to heavy metal lead guitar. So this will be be one of the last updates, I'll just change the fighter of the month and say Hercule's hardcore! Oh and for all of those who chose pan on my poll, yeah mother fuckers!!! She's one foxey lady! So if this my last upade (probably not not cause I got some DBX stuff to post Like trohan drawn on a napkin, By mr. X), I bid you farwell and like Ozzy Osbourne after every show, thank you, i love you all. Later. P.S. email me if you want more Mr.popo gets his groove back , 50 emails and I'll do it. Email me at

Fighter of may = Chi-chi, ok, i just like her name.





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