12/22/01 I have heard of a new Dragon Ball series. Yeah, you think I'm lying, well f*** you stupid a** people!!! For those who believe me, the new series is called DragonBallX. The X stands for extreme, or in this case, "xtreme". The series takes place after the Z series ends, with the return of Future Trunks. He returns and wishes back the people who died in his timeline who died. After returning to the future he fuses with Future Gohan and becomes Tohan. Then Babidi comes and markes Trohan with the Majin spell, because Future Gohan has some evil in him. Then the Z senshi(present) come to stop Trohan from annihilating the Earth. Well, that's as far as I know. I have some images of Trohan that kick a**, the art work is so damn good. But sadly, I don't have a scanner. I don't know when It will be released. Oh, it's going to be in U.S.A. first because the creator, whos name I don't know, lives in U.S.A. I'll have more to update on this matter, but from what I have seen, DBX kicks a**. Go and spread the word on DBX to your friends and DB/Z/GT fans.

1/03/02 Zup. I spoke with the creator of X and learned of some new things, new characters and sagas. There are two sagas, The Trohan saga and The Shadow saga. Shadow saga is about a evil villian who wants to kill the Saiya-jin, but relizes he's too weak after battling SS3 Gokou. So he creates clones of the Z senshi. The clones are just like the Z senshi but all completly black(skin, chlothes, Ki blasts, hair, everything)they also have the Z senshi's power squared(Example: Son Gohan's power level:27,000. Shadow Gohan's power level:5.31441 to the power of 17.). Trohan saga comes first then Shadow. The new charator is Shaten(Pronounced Shay-ten), he was on another planet when Freeza destroyed Vegeta. He wanted to kill Freeza for what he(or she...or it) did. When he found out Freeza was killed. He set out to kill all those who where enemys with the Saiya-jin. Shaten can't go Super Saiya-jin but he says that he is so skilled in the martail arts that he dosen't need to. He can fly, but can only shoot one Ki blast, Saiya-jin's Wrath. X's creater(whos name he dosen't wan't me to say, let's call him Mr.X) says he decided to put the sagas after Z because he likes Z more than GT because Akira Toriyama created, wrote, and illistared it. On GT Akira said "Watashi omou DBZ kanpeki"("I think DBZ perfect". They don't say is, infact there's no word for is.). What he ment was that he thought Z was perfect the way it was and that the GT creaters could make it anyway they wanted. But he warned them, look what happened. 64 episodes, that's just s*****. More to come on MR.X's series later.

Yo, I got more info on X. Know why it's not out? Simple, Mr.X has not got promission from Akira Toriyama yet. He'll ask him soon don't worry. Anyway you how all DB/Z/GT movies have been for TV and video only, well DBX is planned to have 2 motion pictures for theaters. The Shadow saga might be a movie instead of a Saga. Then the final movie that is so tight, ya know how Freeza died, well he still came back in all those movies, well he comes back in the last movie which explains why X is not mentioned in GT. Me and Mr.X where talkin about video games and he has no plans for video games. Oh I should have pictures of Trohan and Shaten but Mr.X ask me to put them on later so you'll see Shaten and Trohan before the comix come out.