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Money Spells
Spells for money seem to work best when there is a genuine need, for instance if you need the money to pay the bills, rather than just a desire to have a lot of money. Please also note that when doing a spell to obtain money, it is a really good idea to state somewhere in your ritual that no harn shall come to any through the working of the spell. You don't want to come into money because a favourite realative dies, or through compensation after an accident. Both these things have been known to happen after money spells. It really is better to be safe than sorry!!!

Become Wealthy by The Light of The Full Moon   Money Ritual   Candle Money Spell  To Obtain Money  Prosperity Chant

Become wealthy by the light of the full moon
On the night of a full moon, fill a cauldron with water. Take it outside, and set it on your pentacle. Drop a silver coin into the cauldron, and chant:
"Laurel leaves of darkness,
their prayer of the night chants,
to thee shall be in good wealth,
and in good prosperity the charm grants;
the charm of the pentagram."
Leave the coin in the cauldron overnight.

Money Ritual
Perform on the three nights before the full moon, the night of the full moon, and the three nights after, using the same candles.
Cast circle in your usual way. Light your altar candle, and your God and Goddess candles. Invoke deities as you see appropriate.
Anoint green pillar candle with lodestone oil, visualizing putting your energy for your goal into the candle. Visualize the goal as already existent. Rub candle with cinnamon and cloves. Burn money incense.
State goal. Be specific. Meditate, raise energy. Send it out toward goal. Thank Goddess, God, spirits. Extinguish candles in reverse order.
Close circle.

Candle Money Spell
You will need two black or green candles. Using a pin, etch you name and the words money, wealth, riches and any other words of power along the sides of the candles.
Then light the candles and grasp them firmly in your hands until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers-a sign that your aura is mingling with the candlesí auras and that your intentions are firmly grounded in the candles.
Project for what you want, saying, "These candles bring me wealth and riches."
Say: "In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects!"
When finished extinguish the flame with a spoon, candle snuffer, or your fingers (not you breath, which will change the spell).
Begin this spell on Sunday, Thursday, or Friday as these days honor the sun, Jupiter, and Venus respectively.
Re-light the candles every night until the are completely burned down. Daily repetition will increase the spellís effectiveness and your own prosperity consciousness.

To Obtain Money
An extremely simple yet effective spell for obtaining fast money when needed is the following:
On a Friday during the Waxing Moon annoint a green candle with an appropriate money-drawing oil, such as Patchouly, Jasmine, or Cinnamon. Charge  the candle and place in a holder on your altar. Place a brand new shiny penny in front of the holder, and then surround the holder with three green aventurine gemstones. Repeat the following chant 3 times:
Money, money come to me, $100 (or whatever you need) is what I need!!!
With harm to none and help to many, multiply now this shiny penny!!!
Now light your candle and gaze into its flame, strongly visualizing the needed money coming to you. Continue with this visualization for as long as possible. After the candle has burned down completely, bury any remaining wax on your property and carry the penny with you to reinforce your magickal intention.

Prosperity Chant
Come Lord Freyr on Gullbursti's back
Bringing aid from Asgards aisles
Hear my plea o God of Plenty
Lend your might to my magic
Freyr's aid to fortune find me
Giving gifts from golden boar
Bounty bring me as I borrow
Luck from golden lover's lord
Runes I write to summon riches
Help my magic hurry home
Bless my spell with boar gods blessing
I, Runewise ask it, blessed be.