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- Triage of Ebony -

- Mic'Hael Aragone -

Occupation: Action
Race: Dark Angel
Strengths: Physical, healing, magical attacks, flight, eternal life until killed, self healing, brutal hatred
Weaknesses: Fire, sunlight, anything that glows, Devi
Brief History The newest member to join the fray, Mic'Hael was an angel of light, and upon a visit to the mortal world met upon a woman who stole his heart, and she ended up bearing his child. She, however, had only used him to bear a child that was gifted with angelic strengths, as well as human. When she denied him access to his daughter, he, in a fury, threw himself into the underworld to darken his life forever. Now he battles against her family, seeking to wipe them all out of spite against this woman. Devi, however, is exempt from his hatred...and while he will not defend her, he refuses to attack her, and makes every attempt to take her to their side. The woman he loved, was Devi's mother. And Devi was an only child.

- Daaron Signoir -

Occupation: Organization
Race: Mage, Spectre
Strengths: Magical influence, spectral realm access, summoning, And Toghiir(the tiger)
Weaknesses: Running water, Toghiir, magic opposite his alignment, lust for Tam'Reiah
Brief History: He truthfully followed Tam'Reiah to the battle because of his feelings for her. But in time developed his own grudges towards the family they battled. He despises Mariaun, Devi's cousin, perhaps above all else for the pain she once inflicted upon Tam'Reiah. His joy in life, however, is tormenting Devi with spy games, silent sneak attacks, and injuries...but never a death. Like a creature toying with it's food before the slaughter.

- Tam'Reiah Dominique -

Occupation: Deciet
Race: Nosferatu
Strengths: Eternal life until killed, feast off soul-blood-or flesh, advanced intelligence, seduction, some dark magical skill
Weaknesses: Running water, sunlight, semi-blindness, need to feed
Brief History: The history to a vampire as old as Tam'Reiah is often best forgotten. Her reason for this battle has never been revealed, yet she is the leader of it. She rarely leaves the confines of the compound of their home, therefore seeing her is a rare sight indeed. She came out strike down Devi's mother and gain over Mic'Hael. But never again since. She feels no emotion except hatred, and that is funneled into planned attacks. By far the most threatening enemy, and the one that remains a mystery.

***( All pictures copyright Ruth Thompson. )***