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- Devil in Gold -

Name: Devilia Aeron Monroe
Age: Visually 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Place of Birth: Monroe Estates, Ayenee
Occupation: Huntress/Heiress
Choice of Weapons: Unavailable

Brief History: Devi was born into a large family that spanned many generations. She values the closest her uncle (Corinous), cousin (Mariaun), and granparents (Mer'Ackis and Shardai), as they have been the support for her over the years. Tam'Reiah slaughtered her mother to gain over her father to their wicked plots. Her father was an angel originally, but thats a different story.

She was raised by her uncle, and grew into a woman under a male influence. Her and her family happen to age slower than most as an effect of the stone dragon perched atop the main tower, or so she was told and informs others. She hides her secrets well Thus they rage in a war older then centuries, each family member a corrupted story...Devi's, a tale of betrayal...and lonliness.

Recent News:-In Progress-

Opposition News:-In Progress-

- Reiah Manor -
the raging war

Oocly: If you wish to incorporate into the plot to Rp with Devi, do not be afraid to ask. Para only, please. Rp can be approached via normal interaction or plot integration if you wish. Just Pm me to ask.